Welcome to Winchester City Fairtrade Network!

The Network was formed in October 2007 to build on work by an earlier Fairtrade Group over many years. Its initial primary aim was for Winchester to achieve Fairtrade City status. This was achieved on 14 March 2008. Now the Network aims to:

  • Promote the importance of fair trade and increase the availability of Fairtrade products
  • Raise awareness of the Fairtrade Mark
  • Encourage workplaces, schools, universities, places of worship etc to use Fairtrade products
  • Relate the principles of fair trade to local supply and sustainability

Why Fairtrade is important

It is neither fair nor necessary that so many people throughout the world must live in poverty, or work in unacceptable conditions. The rules of international trade favour the commercial interests of the most powerful trading nations and the largest corporations at the expense of the wider public interest and smaller economic enterprises. The worldwide Fairtrade movement has developed to promote greater trade justice. It brings the interests of consumers together with those of small-scale producers in the developing world by:

  • Working in partnership and committing to long-term relationships
  • Setting prices that always cover the cost of production no matter how low the world price goes for particular crops
  • Investing in the development of producers to help build sustainable businesses and the communities where they live
  • Demonstrating ethical business practices and challenging others to do the same

Latest News

  • Renewal of Fairtrade City status 2018

    Winchester has now been recognised as a Fairtrade City for ten years. In celebrating this anniversary we were delighted to hear that our Fairtrade City status has been renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation for a further two years.

    Adam Gardner, Community Campaigns Manager at the Foundation, commented: ‘We are very pleased that Winchester City has renewed their Fairtrade status and laid out clear exciting goals to take Fairtrade further. Thanks to the ongoing support of the public and campaigners, an increasing number of farmers in developing countries are now selling their products on Fairtrade terms, bringing them a stable income, and the chance to trade their way out of poverty.’

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  • A musical day with Fairtrade

    IMG_20180602_153100Winchester Ukulele Festival – a big event in the Ukulele year – took place on Saturday 2 June. Our Fairtrade Network was invited to set up a stall to spread the word about Fairtrade. The stall contents were provided by St Mark’s Church, Oliver’s Battery, one of the several Fairtrade Churches within the city. The warm sunny day gave us some concerns about the chocolate bars which were among the most popular items on sale, but all was well. We had an enjoyable day chatting to existing and new Fairtrade supporters and hearing about their ukulele playing, as well as selling a range of Fairtrade goods. And we were surprised and gratified to receive a £200 donation from the Festival organisers after the event. Many thanks for this!

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  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

    Fairtrade Fortnight is always a great time to remember and remind others of the needs of producers in the developing world and to support them by choosing to buy items with the Fairtrade Mark. Several events took place in Winchester – our Fairtrade City.

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